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Why Unistake should be on your radar! (Hint: it solves HUGE problems in DeFi)


Why Unistake should be on your radar! (Hint: it solves HUGE problems in DeFi)

Date: 2021-02-12 03:30:04


Unistake is a relatively new DeFi project that aims to help other DeFi projects increase liquidity by incentivizing LPs with better returns via staking and longer lock up periods. This helps DeFi projects stabilize their liquidity pools on Uniswap and just have more predictability so they can go back to improving and building their core product and protocol. The Unistake token is integral in the whole architecture – projects need to create a pool with their own token and Unistake while users and LPs need this token to pay for fees when withdrawing staking bonuses. The have multiple features like Poolstake, PoolMatch, and Multiplier, all great ideas to make it easier and more profitable for people to provide liquidity rather than just HODL or yield farm. Unistake is super close to launch and they have already had intense organic growth with their token holders increasing drastically without much marketing. Watch this video for a better understanding of what Unistake is, why its important, and why you might be bullish on the prospects of this token.

Check them out here:
Discord is their main community:
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Disclosure: Like I mentioned this is a sponsored video – we are always upfront with you about which of our videos are sponsored. Please do your own due diligence and we never provide financial advice. We received ~$2k for this content campaign.

0:00 Intro
1:46 The Why – Liquidity
3:33 The What – Unistake explained
4:00 Important features PoolStake PoolMatch Multiplier
6:03 Benefits for all DeFi projects
6:51 The UNISTAKE token
7:53 Why be BULLISH?
9:48 Kevin’s final thoughts

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