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Why THIS Is Now An Inevitability for Bitcoin


Why THIS Is Now An Inevitability for Bitcoin


Date: 2020-12-05 20:15:57

Why THIS Is Now An Inevitability for Bitcoin

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We’ve talked about “mainstream adoption” for so many years in the crypto community, that I literally can’t help but think of the statement as a meme now, more than a genuine belief. But first, what people really want to know right now is, do we keep holding, or sell right now, and try and buy back in later? It’s time we got a definitive answer. There’s plenty willing to give you a definitive answer, but there’s a strong divide between two types of people. There usually is, but the divide is bigger than ever. If you ask a trader, specifically one who does a bit of sentiment analysis, they will tell you to sell, euphoria everywhere, greed everywhere, it’s definitely coming down. Nothing goes up forever. It’s obvious.
Then you ask the fundamentalists, those who don’t really spend all their time looking at the charts, but see the world hurtling deeper into issues that Bitcoin can mitigate. More inflation definitely coming coming soon, an institutionally led bull market, price discovery above $20k with no historical resistances and limited supply, and they’ll tell you, it is incredibly bullish, even short term. It’s obvious.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice.

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