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Why I’m excited about Gods Unchained! [full review 2020]


Why I’m excited about Gods Unchained! [full review 2020]

Date: 2020-11-26 17:30:01


You can play Gods Unchained for FREE at

Gods Unchained is a free-to-play tactical card game that gives players true ownership of their in-game items. Led by the former game director of Magic The Gathering: Arena, the game focuses on competitive play, which means players must strategically outsmart their opponents by building decks that are able to combat a wide variety of tactics. In Gods Unchained players completely own their digital items, giving them the freedom to trade, sell and use their cards any way they like – just like owning real, tangible cards.

0:00 Intro
0:53 What is Gods Unchained?
01:27 How do you own GU cards?
01:53 What is it like to play?
02:18 What is Trial of The Gods?
02:32 What are the issues for the project?
03:16 What is Immutable X?
03:59 What’s in store for Gods Unchained?
04:44 What is my opinion on Gods unchained?
06:08 Outro
06:30 Suggested watching

** Disclaimer: This is a sponsored deep dive video. It should only serve as an introduction. It is not financial advice nor is it a recommendation to buy/sell anything. **

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