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Why Hodlnaut Beats BlockFi & Celsius! (2022 Review)


Why Hodlnaut Beats BlockFi & Celsius! (2022 Review)

Date: 2022-05-06 16:00:23


Earning interest on your coins is an amazing thing to do in the crypto world. But which platform should you go with? A DeFi protocol or a CeFi platform? Well in terms of CeFi platforms, BlockFi and Celsius use to be the kings of the hill. But they have fallen quite a bit since their hey days. And now there are new platforms like Hodlnaut that are smaller, but arguably better! In this video I’ll compare Hodlnaut to both BlockFi and Celsius and share 7 reasons why it may be better. 7 reasons why YOU should check them out.

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Disclosure: Like mentioned and marked on the video, Hodlnaut is a sponsor of this video.

0:00 Intro
1:09 Higher Interest Rates
2:27 Preferred Interest Payout
3:25 Fast Withdrawal Times
4:16 Care About Community
4:56 Superb Customer Service
5:17 Takes Regulation Seriously
6:00 Awesome Promo Program

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