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Why Cardano is an ABSOLUTE JOKE! (My Contrarian View)


Why Cardano is an ABSOLUTE JOKE! (My Contrarian View)

Date: 2021-10-27 13:24:52


I’ve had enough! I’ve been a long time skeptic and critic of Cardano ADA and its recent issues and problems made me say enough is enough, time for a video to share my updated views on Cardano and why I don’t get why anyone would want to invest in ADA anymore. There are other competitors that are way more polished and way more ahead of them. Give this video a watch and let me know your thoughts too!

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Some references:

0:00 Intro
0:38 I’ve Had Enough
1:03 Concurrency Issue
2:26 Cardano CAN’T SCALE
3:57 shout out
4:26 Could Get Spammed + other problems
6:01 It’s a Ghost Town
6:44 Future Potential
7:07 Charles
7:51 Case for ADA?

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