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Watch This Before Using! (Pro Tips)


Watch This Before Using! (Pro Tips)

Date: 2021-10-01 15:30:03


I love’s product — their App, Debit Cards, and Earn program. But over the years I’ve made a lot of mistakes that cost me time and money when it comes to best practices for using their products. That’s why I wanted to make this video sharing with you my top 5 tips that you should know of if you are thinking about using them or are already using them. Hope it helps!

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Disclosure: Like I mentioned in the video, has been a long time patron and sponsor of our channel. They support us monthly and we give them shout outs and periodically dedicated coverage as well.

0:00 Intro
0:27 Made noob mistakes before
1:29 Tip #1 – Trading fees
3:06 Tip #2 – Withdrawal fees
4:23 Tip #3 – Topping up
5:29 Tip #4 – Customer support
6:37 Tip #5 – Referral bonus
7:16 Rapid fire other features

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