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Undeniable Proof that LUNA + UST = Ponzi?


Undeniable Proof that LUNA + UST = Ponzi?

Date: 2022-03-17 18:18:48


The BIGGEST Debate Raging On in Crypto Twitter is whether or not Luna and UST are a massive ponzi that may crash one day and take down a huge part of the crypto world with it. Well this is a really nuanced debate with a lot of details that are frankly not spelled out and explained properly on various articles and tweet threads. So I spent hours researching this ponzi debate and I want to share with you my best breakdown of this topic and which way I lean as well. Let me know if anything is unclear or if I got anything wrong. But if you didn’t learn anything new about this Luna UST ponzi debate then let me know in the comments and I’ll personally apologize!

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Shout out to for helping me with the research!
Credit to for one of the LUNA UST graphics
And also to for their Anchor research

0:00 Million Dollar Bets
0:56 Luna UST overview
3:17 2 scenarios for UST
4:53 Fragile Algo Stablecoins
6:35 Death Spiral Scenario
8:13 Important Nuances
10:50 bloXroute Front-Running Protection!
12:09 Anchor Protocol Risks
15:29 Lost Peg TWICE Before
16:55 The Defense of Luna UST
18:46 My Final Verdict

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