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This DeFi project is tackling big PRIVACY concerns! (Findora)


This DeFi project is tackling big PRIVACY concerns! (Findora)

Date: 2020-12-17 17:34:34


Findora is a new blockchain network that is built to address the privacy-concerns of the decentralized finance world. Essentially they want to keep the transparency of blockchain but yet allow for flexibility in terms of what information is available for people to see and also security. This means the user gets a lot more choice in terms of which information in their transactions stay private and what is shared. Findora does this by utilizing state of the art tooling like zero-knowledge proofs, bulletproofs, ZK-snarks, ZK-rollups, merkle trees, Discret (their own domain specific language), and much more. Their entire architecture and system is designed with privacy and security in mind. They also serve enterprise customers with private ledgers and customizable consensus. Their native platform token FRA is used for staking, governance, privacy features, and you also need it to connect your side-ledgers or Dapps to the main Findora blockchain. They are doing a public sale from Dec. 28th to Jan 11th at 5 different tiers depending on your preference in lock up period, price, and check size. US residents are prohibited so definitely check on that. But this may be another hot DeFi

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored video and should only serve as an introduction to the project. We were offered ~$2k for the entire campaign that includes this video, other integrations, and social media posts. This should not serve as financial advice and please do your own due diligence with all products/services in the crypto space.

To enter the token sale:

0:00 Intro
1:03 What is Findora
2:32 Why is privacy important for DeFi?
3:44 Zero-knowledge technology
4:24 FRA token details
5:18 Token sale details
6:25 Final thoughts

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