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Its OVER! Uniswap v3 will dominate all DEXs! (Buying more $UNI)


Its OVER! Uniswap v3 will dominate all DEXs! (Buying more $UNI)

Date: 2021-04-21 16:03:09


Uniswap v3 was announced a few weeks ago and when I dove into the details it got me PUMPED as both a UNI user and a UNI token holder. They have some major upgrades that affect all of us, even if we aren’t liquidity providers. In this video I’ll cover the Pros and Cons of each new feature, talk about Gas Fees, and their controversial decision to include a License. Then I’ll touch on how this might affect the Price of UNI in the future and my personal verdict on this upgrade. Give it a watch and let me know down below your thoughts as well!

Try out Rubic (our sponsors), the DeFi trading platform connecting Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon networks:

0:00 Intro
1:24 Evolution v1 to v2 to v3
2:31 Major features (flexibility and choice)
6:18 Rubic shout out
7:04 Major features (NFTs, fees, controversy)
10:17 GAS FEES
11:17 Future of UNI token

#Uniswap #UNI #Cryptocurrency #DEX #v3 #swap #trading #exchange #decentralized #AMM

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