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How To Build a RTX 3060 Ti Mining Rig (POV)

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How To Build a RTX 3060 Ti Mining Rig (POV)


Date: 2021-05-24 06:05:31

Need to learn How To Build a 3060 Ti/3070 Mining Rig using HiveOS Step by Step? Parts & Time Stamps Below! Checkout my other How To with RTX 3070’s here!
00:00 Intro
00:29 Explaining Initial Stuff
01:47 Mining Frame Explanation
02:40 Build Your Own Mining Frame
03:35 Motherboard/Ram/CPU/SSD/Risers Info
04:20 8 Pin to Dual 8 Pin Splitters PSU Intro
05:13 “MSRP” Scalped Price List for the whole Mining Rig
07:16 Installing the Motherboard/CPU/RAM
11:05 Placing the Motherboard on the Mining Rig Frame
12:06 Power Supply Wattage Info & Explanation
13:18 PSU Recommendation 6 x 3060 Ti For NEW GPU Miner’s
14:27 Research Beforehand PSU/GPU PCIe Requirements
15:23 How Many PCIe Do I Need? PSU Strand Explanation
16:22 Missing 1 x PCIe 8 Pin? Molex Explanation on GPU Riser
17:08 4 Pin Molex Power Capacity Info
17:55 PCIe Cabling I’m Using For Each GPU & Reasoning/Alternatives
18:59 Placing The EVGA 1200w PSU Onto the Mining Frame
20:00 Plugging in the 24 Pin ATX & 8 Pin CPU cable
21:06 Mining Tip #1 VERIFY/Triple Check ALL Cables are fully IN!
21:30 Mining Tip #2 Cable Management
22:00 120GB SSD Info Start
22:30 Mining Tip #3 Don’t Use SATA for GPUs/PCIe Risers
22:51 Put HiveOS on SSD
24:50 Login to HiveOS and Create Farm & Worker
25:31 Download Rig Config onto HiveOS SSD
27:17 Install SSD Into Mining Rig
27:57 Mining Tip #4 Turn on Mining Rig BEFORE Adding GPUs
28:35 Turning On Mining Rig & Solutions for turning on!
30:00 Motherboard BIOS Settings 4G Decoding/PCIe Gen1
32:03 AC After Power Loss Bios Setting Why?
32:35 Save Bios Changes & Boot into HiveOS First Time to Verify
33:00 Forgot to Plug in the Ethernet Cable
33:29 Verify HiveOS Web GUI for Mining Rig/Parts
33:44 Update HiveOS to Latest Version
34:17 Miner Tip #5 Add 1 GPU To Mining Rig and Test
35:21 Adding The FIRST RTX 3060 Ti & Riser
36:52 My Mining Frame Bar is Too SHORT for GPU
37:32 Mining Frame Short Bar GPU Explanation
38:49 Plugging in Molex to the Riser
39:22 Molex for my 120mm Fans Power
39:56 Plugging in PCIe 8 Pin & Splitter with Explanation
41:10 Plug in USB/PCIe x1 Adapter from GPU Risers into Motherboard
42:16 Turn On Mining Rig with 1 GPU & Verify!
43:20 Overclock Settings HiveOS for GPU
44:47 Add a Flight Sheet in HiveOS & Wallet
45:56 Apply Flight Sheet & Verify Mining Rig is Mining
48:00 Overclocking Explanation & Solutions
48:43 Mining Tip #6 Stop Miner in Hiveos BEFORE Shutting Down!
49:36 Shut Down Mining Rig
49:56 Mining Tip #7 Unplug Power Cable Before Adding GPUs
50:10 Adding in all GPUs & PCIe Power Explanation
51:31 GPU PCIe//PSU Strands/Splitter Cabling Methodology *IMPORTANT*
54:50 Mining Tip #8 Windows/MSI Afterburner may go back to stock! bad!
55:57 Plugging in all the PCIe/Splitters/Riser Cables into GPUs
56:32 Mining Tip #8 Quadruple Check All CABLES are in fully!
57:27 Turning on Mining Rig with all GPUs
58:25 Verify HiveOS Can See All GPUs
59:31 Power Consumption for the Whole Mining Rig!
1:00:55 Explaining Overclocks/Undervolts Silicon Lottery
1:01:56 Explaining Temperatures/Ambient/Fans
1:03:06 May Change PSU to a 1500w HP Server with ZSX?
1:04:32 Outro
1:05:19 When Breakeven $11000?
1:06:00 Views of the Mining Rig

Parts I Used! (or close to but still compatible)
– Asus Prime Z490-P Motherboard
– Power Button for Motherboard
– Intel Pentium Gold G6400
– 8GB DDR4 2666Mhs Ram
– 120GB Kingston SSD
– SATA to USB Adapter
– 2 Pack x Molex to 4pin Fan Power
– EVGA 1200w P2 Power Supply
– GPU Risers & 8 Pin Splitters
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– RTX 3060 Ti’s?
– Mining Frames
or Build your own CUSTOM Mining Frame!
– 120mm Fans I Used Noctua Industrial

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

*DISCLAIMER* When it comes to GPU Mining, remember Silicon Lottery! Results MAY vary from GPU to GPU so your Clocks/Undervolt/Voltage shown in my videos may not work for you because of GPU Brand/Memory/Manufacturing what have you. Temperatures and your Cooling methods will also play the part and have an affect. Test at your OWN RISK and do your OWN RESEARCH.

Disclaimer – I am not an expert. This is not financial advice and do your own research. Everything said is from my point of view and for entertainment purposes.

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