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GIVEAWAY For The Crypto Mining Community!

Crypto Mining

GIVEAWAY For The Crypto Mining Community!


Date: 2019-06-19 17:57:46

4K Subscriber Giveaway! Please comment only 1 comment together with your Ethereum Classic (ETC), Ethereum (ETH), Aion (AION), Callisto (CLO), Ravencoin (RVN), Dogecoin (DOGE) addresses, and if you are in CA or USA (for the GPU)(Coins are available to win for ANYONE around the world). Duplicate comments WILL be filtered so comment ONCE PLEASE with all your addresses!

1: 2.5 Ethereum Classic (ETC) + Red Panda Mining 2.5 ETC (Total 5 ETC, Split into 5 Draws, 1 Each Winner)
2: 100 Aion + Red Panda 100 Aion (Split into 2 Draws, 100 Each Winner)
3: Kevin Holen Crypto Ethereum (Sub to him! ) (ETH)
4: Brian Donated 2000 Callisto (CLO) (Split into 2 Draws, 1000 Each Winner)
5: Anonymous Donator 250 Ravencoin (1 Draw, 1 Winner)
6: Red Panda Mining 4000 Dogecoin 😉
7: EVGA GTX 1050 2GB SSC Edition GPU! (Canada/United States)
8: A Secret Surprise Giveaway Announced After #7 on Live Stream.

14 Different Winners! (Winners Cannot Win Twice)

LIVE Stream this Sunday June 23rd, 2019 at 9:00am PACIFIC, 12:00pm EASTERN Time For Drawing All Of The 14 Winners LIVE!

Thank you to those who have donated for this giveaway! and Thank you everyone… I love this community.

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Disclaimer – This is not financial advice.

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