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Ethereum Triple Halving Theory Fully Explained!


Ethereum Triple Halving Theory Fully Explained!

Date: 2021-08-11 14:24:57


The “Triple Halving” Theory for Ethereum may sound like a joke or a meme with its crazy $150,000 per ETH price prediction. BUT I actually read the 77 page institutional style report and I gotta say…. It seems a little bit more reasonable now… This is a beast of a report by squishchaos though so instead of you reading it yourself, you could watch my video which breaks it all down for you and hopefully gives you a better understanding of the theory which can shape your ETH investment strategy and potentially strengthen your conviction as well.

Link to 77 page report by Nikhil Shamapant:

Bitcoin Supercycle Explained:
Why S2F Model is WRONG:

0:00 Intro
0:56 Quick Disclaimer
1:22 Agenda for Video
2:03 Shout out to Nikhil S
2:35 Why is it called “Triple Halving”
3:15 Intro to Flows Theory
4:14 3 Types of Flows
5:59 Real World Case Studies
7:10 Can Flows Be Priced In?
7:58 Bitcoin Halving Flows
11:01 Ethereum’s Flows (Staking & DeFi)
12:06 More Inelasticity Ahead for ETH
12:48 Key Events for Ethereum
14:00 Structural & systematic flows
15:40 Ethereum narratives discussion
16:45 Ethereum’s ETFs will be HUGE
17:19 Why this ISNT priced in
18:18 ETH Price Target 30k to 150k
20:13 Insane Market Cap though…
20:52 How this theory could fail
21:30 My personal thoughts on his theory

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