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Earn GENEROUS Yields With’s DeFi Swap Protocol!


Earn GENEROUS Yields With’s DeFi Swap Protocol!

Date: 2020-09-23 19:34:19


There’s a new DeFi protocol, live on the Ethereum mainnet, and this offers yet another promising place for people to swap DeFi tokens, supply liquidity, farm for coins, earn yield, and much more! It’s launched by our long-time patrons but I wanted to give this a special shout out since it’s brand new and this yield farming / DeFi space is super hot right now! Within this DeFi swap protocol you can do several things — swap tokens like in a DEX, supply liquidity and get a pool token, boost your yield by staking CRO as a LP, and use tools to estimate and track/analyze your ROI, etc. There are also super generous incentives for Liquidity Providers (LPs) to contribute to liquidity pools – you could earn Triple Yield through a variety of mechanisms. There are a ton of popular coins available right off the bat with more added later. This product is not available to the residents of some countries though.

For more info:

Start: (0:00)
Overview: (1:05)
App Walkthrough: (1:45)
Analytics Explorer: (3:37)
Triple Yield Explained: (4:28)
More Whitepaper Details: (6:07)
CRO Yield Multiplier: (7:59)

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