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Did a Chinese Ponzi cause a Bitcoin PUMP & DUMP in 2019? (What’s Up Bitcoin S1:E3)


Did a Chinese Ponzi cause a Bitcoin PUMP & DUMP in 2019? (What’s Up Bitcoin S1:E3)

Date: 2019-12-11 21:24:17


Did PlusToken’s Chinese ponzi scam manipulate Bitcoin’s price throughout 2019 by creating demand and also consistent sell pressure? In this video Adriaan takes a look at the major events that happened in the Bitcoin world in 2019 and how that may have affected price. For example: Bakkt futures, China blockchain announcement, and much more. He also takes a look at the charts and uses some basic technical analysis in order to look at short/medium term bullish or bearish price action and what some possible price targets are based on various channels. If you want a great recap of Bitcoin price action and notable events in 2019 then give this episode 3 of his What’s Up Bitcoin series a watch!

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