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Complicated Crypto Tax Situations And How To Fix Them! (Zac from TokenTax)


Complicated Crypto Tax Situations And How To Fix Them! (Zac from TokenTax)

Date: 2019-10-07 17:00:01


This video is for Bitcoin & cryptocurrency traders and investors in the USA who may have a more complicated situation than just buying and holding on Coinbase or Gemini. In this video we’re going to cover a WIDE range of topics that many people face if they ventured out and did some more niche crypto activities. Some topics include: OTC trades, DeFi transactions, closed exchanges, airdrops, forks, staking, margin trading, hacked funds, bot trading, Bitcoin IRAs, and more! If you ever did any of these activities then you’re in luck because Zac from TokenTax ( is here to explain how to handle all of these scenarios and how their software and services can help as well! Definitely give it a watch if you are a late 2018 filer who filed an extension or maybe received an IRS letter so you need to file an amendment. Or if you’re watching in 2020 for your 2019 crypto taxes then this will still be relevant and helpful!

0:55 – OTC or P2P trades (LocalBitcoins)
3:17 – DApps / DeFi transactions (Lending, etc.)
4:49 – Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) & closed exchanges
8:00 – Airdrops / forks as income or gifts
12:09 – Staking / masternodes
14:05 – Margin trading
16:39 – Lost wallet/hacked exchange (casualty losses)
19:41 – Bot traders
22:20 – Non-tradable / illiquid coins
24:51 – Crypto IRA / 401k
28:50 – General best practices for a veteran trader/investor
31:45 – Learn more about how TokenTax can help you

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