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Calling all BitMEX & ByBit traders time to change to BTCMEX?!


Calling all BitMEX & ByBit traders time to change to BTCMEX?!

Date: 2020-01-28 22:15:00


If you’re tired of the deceptive or dishonest practices of BitMEX and ByBit, then you should check out this new crypto/Bitcoin derivatives exchange called BTCMEX. It is built on first principles – low fees, accessibility, security, and performance. In this interview with Kerel, CMO of BTCMEX, we cover interesting topics such as: why they are playing the long game and not optimizing for profits at first, what their competitors did that caused them to want to build a competitor, what special features they offer, and much more! At first I entered this interview with a blank slate and not expecting too much, but after chatting with Kerel in the interview, I was much more sold on their long term vision for the derivatives exchange. Definitely give it a listen and let me know in the comments what you thought about his points!

Disclaimer: This is a *sponsored* interview. As always this is not a recommendation to buy/sell. Always do your own due diligence and get comfortable with a new product/platform before going all out with it.

Check them out here (my affiliate link):

0:35 High level overview
1:40 Difference to competitors (BitMEX and Bybit)
4:25 Team behind BTCMEX & history & where they are based (Hong Kong)
8:55 Region focus in terms of customers
10:40 Index price calculation
11:19 High uptime processes
13:25 Security processes in place
16:00 Fees breakdown and explanation (maker & taker)
18:54 When did they launch BTCMEX?
22:05 Trading bonus
22:47 Affiliate programs
31:11 Where people can get started (trading guide)
32:05 Exciting features on roadmap

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