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Bye bye Windows & MacOS… Hello blockchain-based LibertyOS! (Interview with CEO)


Bye bye Windows & MacOS… Hello blockchain-based LibertyOS! (Interview with CEO)

Date: 2020-05-14 15:07:50


LibertyOS is a new blockchain based OS that aims to take down the more entrenched Windows and MacOS by being much more secure, lightweight, privacy preserving, and faster than them. They stripped down all the extraneous features of the OS so that there’s not a lot of native ads and unneeded connections. They have a systemwide ad-blocker so you can use Spotify native app without viewing any of their banner ads. Another super interesting aspect is that they have a LIB token model which is similar to BAT – it’s opt in and you can earn LIB if you view ads – but by default you are opted out. With LIB you can tip app developers and much more. Finally I want to note that most of the applications you would ever need/want to use are supported and compatible with this LibertyOS. If you are tech savvy and want to download and setup this OS by yourself then you definitely can! Or it will be included in various laptops in Asia in the near future.

Check them out here:

Disclosure: This is a sponsored interview. We were paid $500 for this interview. As always we disclose our sponsored content but this should only serve as an intro and is not a recommendation to buy or sell anything.

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