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Bitcoin & Crypto Holders! Pay Attention to This!!


Bitcoin & Crypto Holders! Pay Attention to This!!


Date: 2021-03-08 16:30:55

Bitcoin & Crypto Holders! Pay Attention to This!!


00:00 Intro
00:47 US Correlation
1:18 The Importants
02:41 Rising Bond Yields
04:44 Inflation
06:52 Tech Stocks
07:16 Jerome Powell
08:02 DXY
09:23 DAOs

It’s time once more to discuss the damn elephant in the room. I am referring to the fact that, Bitcoin is seemingly correlated to the macro economy. The US in particular, and their rising bond yields. What happens there can have knock on effects to other major economies, Bitcoin is undeniably popular over there, but perhaps most importantly, it’s a narrative. Traders need something to trade off of, so this is as good as any. The US Stock market is worried about rising inflation. Tech stocks are having a bad time right now, including Bitcoin.

It’s not something I believe really makes sense fundamentally speaking. But if you do believe in the correlation continuing, at least for now, here’s the strongest narratives to pay attention to for more Bitcoin adoption. The worrying aspect of rising bond yields. The potential rising of inflation. Poor tech stock performance. Jerome Powell issuing statements, and the dollar strength index.

I will break down each of these in today’s video, timestamps below, including what I am doing with my crypto right now, and what I think the best big hype is wave in Crypto, but the irony of the situation I hope is not lost on you. People who are saying that this is a bad thing, are also admitting that Bitcoin is correlated to the S£P 500. Market crashes are bad, but they’re always temporary, long term this is a never ending pump. It is one of the most bullish Bitcoin price prediction statements that can be made for Bitcoin period.

And also fundamentally speaking, Bitcoin solves problems with these systems. Stock market crashes because of higher interest rates? Bitcoin. Worried about inflation devaluing literally everything? Bitcoin. Economic Policies? Bitcoin. You get the point. Smash like if you agree.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice.

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