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Behind the Scenes of Building an NFT Project (Nick Hirsch)


Behind the Scenes of Building an NFT Project (Nick Hirsch)

Date: 2022-03-25 14:21:55


Ever wonder what it takes to build an NFT collection from scratch? Well in this interview my good friend Nick Hirsch will share all of his experiences from building his Cold Boot NFT collection. He’ll share some mistakes he’s made, some pro tips for builders out there, his view on the overall NFT space, and also specific views on things like White Lists and Pricing models etc. So whether you are an NFT collector looking to better understand the builder’s angle OR you are thinking about launching your own NFT collection then this interview is for you, hope you get some valuable nuggets out of it!

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0:00 Intro to Nick and Cold Boot
2:23 Why build in NFT space?
4:16 What his NFTs look like!
8:34 Hardest part of building NFT project
13:42 Other NFT projects to learn from
16:04 Thoughts on marketing NFT projects
18:30 Nick’s personal brand
22:09 shout out
22:35 Thoughts on Whitelists
26:18 Fair pricing models (Dutch Auctions?)
32:41 What about the Legal side?
38:04 What’s the future for his collection?
41:30 What’s the future for NFT space?
43:46 Coins / tokens for NFT projects
47:52 Which NFT projects he likes as a collector

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