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5X Returns Overnight? A look at Unistake’s Initial Stake Offering!


5X Returns Overnight? A look at Unistake’s Initial Stake Offering!

Date: 2020-10-13 00:01:26


Fez takes a look at the Unistake Initial Stake Offering (ISO) which promises users up to 5X returns overnight! Too good to be true? You decide!

Unistake is a decentralised token protocol built to empower DeFi projects in their quest for liquidity and make providing that liquidity easier for the project supporters.

This Monday, Unistake raised 2000 ETH in just over 6 hours!!!
The token sale was completed via Unistake’s newly developed Initial Stake Offering, (ISO).

Unistake is a totally decentralised, audited, smart contract which performs all functions automatically. Including Uniswap listing, locking of liquidty, automatic staking of tokens, allocation of dividends and much more.

Explainer Video:
ISO Video Series:
Lite Paper:
ISO Audits:
Token Lock Audit:
Telegram Channel: @Unistake
Telegram Channel: @UnistakeCommunity

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored video, we were offered $1.25k in crypto for this video. This is not financial advice nor is it a recommendation to invest. Please always do your own due diligence when operating in the crypto space.

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