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3 Reasons Why Bull Market Is NOT Over!


3 Reasons Why Bull Market Is NOT Over!

Date: 2022-01-14 16:00:21


There’s a lot of FEAR in the streets these days in the crypto markets. You could call me “irrationally fearful” perhaps. But I always like to look at BOTH sides of the argument, so that’s why I’ve compiled the strongest Bullish case I could find and I want to share that with YOU in this video. Give it a watch before you take any drastic actions, to gain perspective. And let me know what you think after watching this!

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Jeff Dorman’s analysis:

0:00 Intro
0:21 I’m Scared
1:48 Bullish Argument 1 – Fed Actions
3:13 YouHodler Shout Out
3:45 Bullish Argument 2 – Crypto Industry
5:52 Bullish Argument 3 – Nancy
6:58 My Sentiment & My 3 Step Strategy

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